it was nihilistic


"find another way"


5) the spirit of everything brought me there,

every night as you sleep

its destroying my mind.

our indifference,

we will be so alike april202021

4) the sun represents a dread of the world in this moment

the sun was something greater than me

i want to see more than offer,

cause more than i offer april1821

3) blasphemy.. the weather makes me want the end

it will be beautiful i promise

the forth wall was never there for me

everything is too real

ive been this way for a while april421

2) feeling a world blow in ur hands

why am i right here, im stuck right here

im the only threat my life is facing

you dont understand that april121

1) i feel like its abandoning a cause if i dont let this play out

a very important cause

i cant live without this next to me

it is beaatiful and horrific march3021